Relationship Advice: Things to Focus On

Last Friday was a very special day for David and I, we celebrated four years together! We had a great time together enjoying a sunset cruise down in Galveston, TX and ending the night with a walk on the beach. Yes very romantic! (it was his idea ;))

Today I wanted to share with you all a video David and I made a few months ago in case you hadn’t watched it. We share with you all some advice that I believe if you apply to your relationship can improve it immensely.  You might be saying to yourself well Martha I’m already pretty happy and the relationship I have with my significant other is amazing! If that is you that is awesome! <3 As you guys probably know I am a believer in CANI- Constant and Never Ending Improvement. I believe that in relationships and in life there is always something we can all do to improve ourselves.


Remember to listen more than you speak. Don’t listen to reply but to really understand where your partner is coming from. When a problem comes up take care of it then and there. I hate confrontation, but David has taught me to deal with the problem right when it happens rather than leaving it for later. When something is upsetting you don’t assume your partner is a mind reader and will know you are not ok, you must tell him/her! Be completely open about your feelings and things will run much more smoothly.

Learn Your Partner’s Love language

This is so important you guys, like really important! If you haven’t read Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages, it’s a must! We all have a different love language. When you learn what is yours and your partners’ things will get clearer on why when you think you’re showing love to them they might not respond the way you think they should.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Words are powerful. Once said they can never be taken back. They can make you feel amazing or make you want to sink. This is especially true when someone’s’ love language is words of affirmation (me!). Sometimes when we are upset, we let go of our filters and feel the need to say things we might not normally say. Learning to catch yourself before saying something you will regret later is a must. Think before you speak.

Don’t Stop Doing What You Did at The  Beginning of The Relationship 

Remember when you first started dating and the fights were very few or maybe none at all? Many times as humans we cherish something that is new but once time goes on we start to perhaps take it for granted and we get complacent. This can be a killer in a relationship. Take time each day to think about how grateful you are to have him/her in your life. You all were brought together for a reason! Out of 7.4 billion people, you two happened to meet and fall in love. That’s pretty powerful. <3

So there you have it guys! I hope you enjoyed reading/watching. As I mention at the end of the video relationships do take work, after all, you are joining two completely different lives and personalities together, of course, there will be conflict from time to time. Remember when you know you have found someone truly special you will make it work and it will be rewarding. Do you have any great advice you know works in your relationship? I would love to hear it! Share it down below! <3

Wishing you lots of love, success and a lifetime of bliss!

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  • Reply David (bf)

    Another thing I got from the 5 love languages is realizing your partners sensitivity to the feeling opposite to love based on their love language. What I mean by this is, if their love language is words of affirmation, that means they feel love the most by hearing nice words. It also means they feel hurt way easier by hearing negative words. To you, if you are not a words of affirmation person, it looks like they are overreacting, and their skin is too thin, but to them it is completely justified. I for example am a physical touch person, and I know that if I ever go in for a hug and Martha pulls away I’m like ok… whats wrong? Why are you being cold to me. It might be that she’s just in the middle of something focusing on the task at hand and doesn’t want to be distracted, which I completely understand mentally, but my emotional/gut reaction is he something is wrong Marthas not reciprocating my love touches.. just a caution that the love languages work both ways, to feel super loved, or super unloved, so make sure you are careful when touching on the negative side because they are super sensitive to things that might feel silly to you!

    August 15, 2016 at 1:18 pm
    • Reply admin

      Thanks for your thoughts babe!

      August 15, 2016 at 7:11 pm

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