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    Sensory Deprivation Float Therapy: A Vacation Getaway of The Mind

    Last Sunday, my boyfriend David and I were able to try something we have been meaning to experience for the past few months, floatation therapy! I have been intrigued by the concept of floatation therapy and couldn’t wait to experience it for myself. As a mindset coach, I am always wanting to try different healing techniques that are said to have mental and physical benefits.

    So you’re probably wondering, what is floatation therapy, Martha? Let me explain. It is a therapeutic practice that is said to have so many great benefits both physically and mentally. You step foot into a cabin filled with 10 inches of water and 1,000 pounds of dissolved Epsom salt. As you lie down you are then forced to float. You feel weightless. It’s sensory deprivation which means it’s just you and your thoughts. This is a practice said to have started way back in the 1950’s by John C. Lilly. He had a desire to study human consciousness and this technique allowed him to do this by being able to isolate the brain from all stimuli. Pretty amazing huh!

    I believe your environment is everything and owners, Juan Carlos and Joseph Cyrus did a phenomenal job in creating a serene and beautiful atmosphere. As soon as we walked in we could breathe in the amazing aroma of essential oils. From the giant Buddha in the lobby to the Himalayan salt wall decor everything was beautifully put together. I definitely felt in my element here. We were greeted by Juan Carlos and he was very kind and made us feel right at home and ready to experience our first float.

    Once in my own private suite I took a quick rinse to get rid of any hair products in my hair and the body’s natural oils. Next, I climbed into the tank and immediately upon sitting felt my body float. The experience began! I shut the door of the tank and felt in my own little world. I decided to leave the meditation music on because I really enjoyed having it in the background instead of complete silence. Then I simply closed my eyes and relaxed. There were times that it was hard to not let my thoughts go everywhere but that goes to show how much we need to take time for ourselves to simply just be.  I took deep breaths and enjoyed the time there.

    Before I knew it my session was over. I stepped outside and then took a rinse in the shower to cleanse away all of the magnesium salt from the tank. David’s experience was similar to mine. He had twisted his ankle about 2 years ago and he did mention it felt a little less tight afterward. I can definitely see how individuals with demanding jobs, chronic pain or busy lifestyles would benefit greatly from floatation therapy. The thing about floatation therapy is it’s not a one-time thing. It can really become a lifestyle, a routine, such as going to the gym. Think about how many of us try our best to eat nutritious foods and work out to keep ourselves healthy. Floatation therapy is giving your mind self-care. It is therapy for your soul, body, and mind.

    Once done with my session I headed to the post-float room. I fell in love with it! The relaxing music playing in the background, the selection of books, the tea, the comfy furniture, the crystals, it’s all just so just so perfectly blended together!

    David and I relaxed there for a little while. We chatted about our own experiences and even made new friends!

    I loved my experience at Healing Waters and I’m so excited for Houstonians to try float therapy out for themselves. If you’re curious and even if you’re not! Do it.  You might just find your new go-to relaxation getaway, no plane ticket needed.

    Below you will find a discount code for your personal use so you can go in and experience the healing powers of floatation therapy, trust me you will LOVE it! Enjoy!

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