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Time to Set Yourself Free

Hello beauties!

Seems like forever since I’ve sat down to write a blog post. Why? Honestly, I had zero desire to write for the past few months. 2017 was a hard year for many.

Questioning what my purpose was in life, wondering what my next step would be? And not feeling quite sure about anything in my life. It was not easy. It’s so scary experiencing so many emotions. You start to question is something wrong with me. But I’ve come to realize I’m truly an empath. I was not only dealing with my own emotions but soaking in the emotions of the world it seemed.

A lot of really horrible things happened around the world in 2017. Here in Houston, we got hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. So many people lost their homes and their loved ones. I actually cried at one point when I knew Trump was our new President. Hurricane Maria caused so much devastation in Puerto Rico. And some of the worst mass shootings in U.S history occurred. So much pain.

It broke my heart seeing all of these events unfold.

I pick up on the emotions of others like you couldn’t imagine, if I see a small inclination of sadness in someone’s eyes while having a conversation with them I will start crying first even before they have! I’m learning to be ok with this and learning that if God and The Universe gave me this trait then I’m meant to have it.

But you know what feels really good? The feeling of accepting and being ok with you who are knowing that you were created just as you should have.

As we approach the 3rd month of the year (Already!? Crazy!!) I’m learning more and more about being accepting of your emotions no matter what others may think. I recently saw a video that supposedly crying makes you stronger (oh yeah!).

We are here to be free, open and vulnerable. My best and most memorable conversations in life have always come from those moments where I was able to be vulnerable and feel good about letting myself be seen for who I truly was.

Today I encourage you to decide it’s your time to be seen for who you really are. Who are you really? Dig deep and ask yourself that question. Write your answer down, and read it every damn day to remind you of your true self.

Find a group of people that bring out your true self and hold the space for you to do so in a no-judgment zone. I promise you if you do that you will start uncovering things about yourself that have been there all along.

It’s time to shine. It’s time to embrace who you really are. It’s your time!

I’m jumping on this ship myself and I’m not planning on looking back.

I hope you join me!

Wishing you a year of bliss in 2018!

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