Welcome to Lifetime Of Bliss!

My name is Martha and I created LOB to share with the world the knowledge I have learned these past few years when it comes to living the life you want.

You see I believe that we are all here to do miraculous things with our lives.

I believe we all have a purpose, you have something special to give to this world.
My goal with LOB is to inspire, motivate and make you realize the potential that lies inside of you right now.

That dream that you’ve always had, it’s time to start going after it.

I believe in designing the life you’ve always wanted and it all starts with acknowledging the greatness that is within you.

My deepest wish is that as you discover my posts and videos you will be filled with motivation and inspiration to take that first step towards your goals.

Wishing you love, success and a lifetime of bliss!
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“Be in love with your life. Every minute of it.”
― Jack Kerouac