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Last Monday I attended an event for aspiring speakers, coaches, and authors. JT Foxx, the world’s #1 Wealth Coach, was the speaker and he gave us valuable information from start to finish, I was blown away! I took soo many notes and I couldn’t get enough of what he was saying! Funny thing is I was only planning to stay there for three hours but decided to stay there the entire day after he started sharing all his incredible knowledge.

He talked about the importance of marketing, the different types os speakers you can choose to be, best markets to have speaking events, what it takes to create successful events, how to make money as a speaker, and so much more.

At the end of the day JT’s, director of marketing, Francie Baldwin, spoke about developing your brand. Developing a great brand for yourself can be huge! I know that lately, I’ve been hearing more and more about branding, branding, branding! You might be reading this and think to yourself- Well Martha I don’t necessarily want to become a speaker or coach and that’s ok! You see, branding applies to whatever choose to do with your life. Whether you’re a fashion blogger, chiropractor, lawyer, restaurant owner, etc. We all have brands and people that we love. Even if you’ve never met them before there’s a reason you are attracted to them, and that my friend is there branding.

Francie started out by saying that whatever industry you might be in you must remember this- “You can’t be an expert at everything, you must pick one area and become an expert at that.”

She then shared with us a list of questions to ask yourself:

What are you good at?

Here is when you have to take a good honest look at yourself and ask yourself are you good at what you want to dedicate your time and energy too? You might need help developing some skills in your niche, but remember never to pretend to be someone that you are not.

What do you get excited to talk about?

This is a gooood one! Ask yourself what are you passionate about? What is something that you can talk to people about without ever feeling bored? David, my boyfriend, is so passionate about real estate, investing, and learning about finances. I on the other hand not so much, I’d much rather pick up a book about positive psychology than a book about forex trading, and that’s the thing! I know David will thrive in those industries cause he never gets bored learning about them, he simply loves it. Other people can feel your passion.

What do people want to hear about?

Do you love finding great deals, sharing paleo recipes, sharing great ideas how to train your dog, giving relationship advice etc.? Whatever it is you want to share with the world, ask yourself do people actually want to hear and learn about this. There’re 7.4 billion people in the world, chances are someone will love to learn and listen to whatever you want to share with them. It’s amazing how different we all are. We have different interests and we love learning about different things.

Will anyone pay to learn about it?

Now and days it seems like anything can be sold and made into a business. Chances are your idea and passion can too. A few years ago who would have thought that there would be thousands of fashionable girls sharing fashion advice on YouTube working with brands and actually making a living of it! Pretty amazing I think. I believe the world is becoming more open minded to new ideas and ways of thinking. Chances are there is a market waiting to hear from you. 🙂 Most People want to improve their lives, in all areas. How will your products or service make someone’s life a little bit brighter?

Last but not least think about the clients/audience you want to attract. Who do you want to focus on sharing you services or products with? Don’t say “everyone, ” because that simply will not be the case. Recently this is a question I myself had to get clearer on. I use to think everyone can be my future client, I want to help the world, who doesn’t want a life coach, but that simply isn’t the case. They’re people that are content with their lives and feel absolutely no need to hire a life coach. I came to the conclusion that my ideal customer were young women between the ages of 16-35 Why? because I want to help young women who are in that transition and discovery phase in their life, I want to help them get clear on who they want to be and what they want to create with their lives.

There you have it! I hope after answering these questions for yourself you will get clearer on what you want your brand to represent to the world. This is exciting if you ask me because you have complete control over how others will see you starting from today. Have fun and enjoy developing your brand! 🙂

Wishing you lots of love, success, and a lifetime of bliss!



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