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Living Your Life in the Present

We’ve all been guilty of it, when we’re sitting across from someone having a “conversation” and the person you’re talking to asks you a question and lo and behold you have no idea what they were just telling you. Our response I’m soo sorry I dosed off, I just have this big problem I was thinking about, something distracted me, etc.

I understand it’s a challenge for us all to live in the present now and days. After all we have countless distractions around us it’s unbelievable! We have so much information coming towards us from the moment we wake up out of bed. We can all easily forget to have deep conversations, forget to breathe and take in the day and simply dismiss the little things in life that can bring us so much joy.  Recently I’ve started to realize the importance of living in the present and the huge benefits it brings into your life. Although, I’m definitely a work in progress the fact that I realize, hey Martha you need to just enjoy this moment and be fully here, is a huge step in the right direction!

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We’ve all heard it before the quote that says “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” It’s sad to think that life will pass us by and we will be left wishing we would have cherished the special moments more. Now when I spend time with my mom, just me and her, I do my very best to be fully present with her. When we have conversations about random things, her childhood, her love for animals, etc. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate those moments. Having lost my dad 4 years ago really put things in perspective, one being the importance of living in the present. I know my mom won’t be here with my forever but if I do my best with the time we are given together that brings me an enormous amount of joy. I strongly believe that everyone would have better, happier, healthier relationships if we all learned to live in the present. Do you remember a time when you felt you had the best conversation with someone? What made it so great? Maybe it was the fact that for that moment in time nothing else mattered around outside of you and the other person. Y’all were both completely there in that space and engaging with one another. You felt heard and understood. That’s a beautiful thing.

Living in the present can also have a tremendous positive change not only in your relationships but also when it comes to your overall fulfillment in life. You might have goals and dreams that you are currently striving for and that’s wonderful, but don’t forget to savor the journey. Don’t forget to take in the challenges that will help you grow. If you’re not where you would like to be at this point in your life make sure you don’t take the life you do have for granted. Enjoy every aspect of your life.

Life passes by incredibly fast my friend, start today by taking small steps in order to live in the present. I can assure you, you will be grateful you did.

Wishing you so much happiness, success and a lifetime of bliss!

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P.S. As I was browsing online I came across this amazing video! I thought it would be a nice addition to the post. Hope you guys enjoy:)! It’s beautiful. (if you’re emotional like me, grab a tissue! Might get you teary eyed:’) )


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