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The Importance of a Daily Gratitude Practice

Gratitude to me is a big part of my life. Ever since I could remember I’ve always felt a strong sense of gratitude towards life. I remember being  maybe 5 or 6 (from what my mom tells me) and riding the Metro bus here in Houston, Tx with my mom carrying my Tweety bird backpack to and from our destinations and feeling so thankful. There were many things I felt grateful for: one was spending time with my mom, two, having transportation to get us where we needed to be, and three feeling like we were going on some type of road trip even though we probably only drove an hour or so around the city.

I remember turning 15 and getting hired at my first job and feeling on top of the world knowing I got to make my own money! There’ve been countless times in my life were gratitude overtakes me and it feels my heart so much that I’ve cried of happiness. I’m a very emotional being! My question for you is when was the last time you stopped and really paused to reflect on all the goodness in your life. I mean all of it. The things you might have forgotten you have, the relationships you maybe take for granted from time to time, or the simple pleasures we all have simply because were alive.

Did you know there are soo many benefits that come with gratitude? Research has shown those that practice gratitude consistently live longer, happier and healthier lives! How amazing is that!?

Thank you so much for reading/watching I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving!!

Wishing you love, success and lifetime of bliss!

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