Advice on Finding Your Passion!

Follow your passion! We hear that phrase all the time, don’t we? I completely agree with it, but for many, it’s not that easy because many people aren’t clear on what their passion is. I believe before looking outward, we must start looking inward. Ask yourself what do you enjoy doing? What comes easily to you? What would you still do if you wouldn’t get paid for it?

Secondly, I would say to go out into the world and start doing the stuff that you’ve always been interested in. Love animals? Volunteer at an animal shelter. Love salsa dancing? Take some dance lessons! Whatever it may be for you once you start actually engaging and doing different activities you will soon start to realize what feels good to you and what probably just seemed like a fun idea in your head. 🙂

Thirdly, ask yourself what did you enjoy doing as a child? Think back when you were 10 years old, what were you doing back then? What brought you happiness? What was fun to you? I’ve heard that when you are a child around 10 years old you are more like yourself than you will ever be. Makes total sense don’t you think? At that age, society hasn’t hopefully distorted your view too much of who we should or shouldn’t be. We probably also don’t care too much about the opinions of others. Fast forward a few years, it’s a different story but as a 10-year-old we probably aren’t there yet.

Imagine a world where we all found our passion and pursued it, how amazing would that be! Maybe you’re reading this today and you do know what your passion is but you simply haven’t gone out and pursued it. Start today my friend. When you discover your passion, life has a whole new meaning. Your happier and you see life in a different light.

Now it’s your turn! Name 3 things that you’ve always been interested in. What action can you take today to start discovering your passion?

Let me know in the comments down below. I would love to hear from you!

and as always,

Wishing you love, success, and a lifetime of bliss!


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