Give Your Dream a Chance

Today’s message- I simply want to inspire and encourage you to chase that one big dream of yours. We all have many goals that we have in life but there is probably one major one that you just can’t stop thinking about, yes I’m talking about that one! Lately, I’ve been feeling these sudden waves of fear come my way. It’s hard to explain but I believe it’s because I started questioning myself too much. I started to look at the big picture of how my life is right now and thought to myself, oh my…Am I really doing this!? Meaning I’m I going on this entrepreneurial route in order to make my dream of becoming a life coach come to life.

Before I knew about life coaching my “life plan” was to get a job as a buyer, or visual merchandiser for a high-end retailer. I thought that’s what I wanted, what I was good at, and what would make me happy as a career. But you guys know, this is life, and life never goes as you plan it. 🙂

Long story short I know this goal was placed in my heart for a reason and I’m not willing to live my life without giving it a chance. I think life is an amazing gift we have that we get to create whatever it is we want with it. I want to encourage you today that whatever that special thing is for you that makes you scared and excited to think about at the same time, go out and pursue that! No one knows where we will all be in ten, twenty, forty years from now, but don’t you want to look back at those points in your life and know you gave your dream a chance? I know you do, so let’s start today.

Like the saying goes, If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it. 🙂

I would love to hear from you! What is one dream you have deep in your heart that you just know you must give a chance too? What has stopped you, if anything, from pursuing it and what action can you take today that will get you closer to it?

And as always,

Wishing you love, happiness, and a lifetime of bliss!

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