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It seemed rather fitting to write about not waiting for the perfect timing to start something. You see, I had been working on this blog since January, when I first actually set it up. I got my domain name and I knew what I wanted to create. I was excited! My attitude was it must be perfect before I get it out into the world. I never got around to actually writing and creating because I was stuck with the thought that the pictures on the slider need to “flow” well together. It’s funny to think but this is just a small example of an issue many people face with bigger decisions in their lives. They delay on taking action towards something they want to pursue. The real underlying reason is fear. We simply don’t want to make mistakes or feel like a failure. We’re afraid. Little by little I have come to learn that I must stop over thinking things and start doing.

319474As Don Miguel Ruiz states in his book “The Four Agreements” – always do your best. That’s all their is too it. Don’t wait till you have the right amount of money, the right relationship, the right job, or the perfect shape. Simply use what you have at the present moment, do your very best and go for it! Life is too short to wait till all the puzzle pieces come together and then sprint into action.

Don’t wait until the timing is just right, because chances are it never will be. I truly believe that life rewards those who simply take action and go into the world with a fearless pursuit towards their dreams. Once you know what you want take action and you will be pleasantly surprised how the universe will hand to you all the right tools you’ve been wishing all along.

Wishing you happiness, success and a lifetime of bliss!

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