5 Actions To Take In Order To Make 2016 Amazing!

Happy New Year everyone! A fresh new start, a fresh new year! There is something pretty awesome about looking at the calendar each New Year and seeing 1/1/20__.

Whether 2015 was a fulfilling year for you or not, I want to share with you a few simple actions you can take in order to make sure 2016 is a productive, goal achieving year for you. These are things I have done this past year that really made me feel accomplished. These are simple actions anyone can take in order to move ahead in life when it comes to personal growth. This can be your best year yet if you decide it will be! Let’s get started!

Invest In Your Personal Growth

Ever since I discovered the world of personal development I became a student of it. Is there a skill you want to learn or master? There are a countless number of books and resources to show you how to do so. Do you wish to grow in your spiritual life? There are numerous retreats you can go on that take place all over the world to help you with that. The information and help you are seeking is out there waiting for you to discover it. One of my favorite things to do is to spend a few hours at my local Barnes and Noble bookstore and read books on health, self-improvement, psychology etc. I believe that investing time in your personal growth is very important. It’s the best investment you can ever make. The more time you take to grow as a human being the better person you will become and the more you will understand the world around you and others. The world is filled with amazing information all around us that wants to be learned, read, heard and sadly not everyone takes the time to do so.

Life is all about progress and growth. Start putting time aside each week or day if possible for you to invest in your personal growth. Not only will you be improving as a person but the new-found knowledge is something that you will carry with you for a lifetime. You might even discover a new hobby or passion of yours in the process!

Take Time to Be Grateful

Ahh yes, gratitude! You know something that will instantly put you in a better mood? Taking the time to be grateful. When you’re grateful, happiness fills up your world. Being grateful means putting all of your focus on the goodness that’s present in your life. We all have problems, some of us more than others and that’s just how life is my friend, but when you take a few minutes of your day to think about what brings joy into your life and what makes you smile, your challenges are nonexistent in that space. I also believe that taking the time to be grateful each day will not only make you happier but it will allow you to receive more goodness in your life. There is a quote by the amazing Oprah Winfrey that says:

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

I couldn’t agree more with her. Good one Oprah!

Give Back

Have you ever done something nice for someone just because you simple felt like it? Maybe you saw a girl wearing a cute outfit and you complimented her. Or you left a bigger tip than is required after a nice dinner you had simple because you wanted to reward the waiter more than he or she would expect. How did that simple action make you feel? It most likely made you feel good. You felt happy that you decided to do so. You might say, how is complimenting someone a form of giving back? Think of it as giving encouraging words to someone. We all know that everyone needs that every now and then no matter who you are. When you take time on a consistent basis to give back in any form, whether that may be your time, money, or actions you are taking the time to be selfless. We live in a very egotistical world. It’s so simple to say I have enough problems let others deal with their own issues, how I can help others when I can’t even help myself! No matter where you are in your life right now I promise you there is always something you can do to give back. If at all give a stranger an encouraging word or a warm smile. Do you know how much I love when a random stranger smiles at me? It makes me feel happy, it’s like a small light randomly passes me by.

Give back in any way you can starting this year. Find a cause you believe in and volunteer for it. Do something nice to that one lonely neighbor that lives near you. Giving back feels amazing. It creates human connection and forces us to think outside of ourselves and I believe that’s one thing the world needs more of.

Get Clear On Your Vision

Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 20 years from now? What’s your vision? If you don’t know where you want to be you will end up anywhere! Lost and disappointed asking yourself, how did I even get here!? That’s the problem about not having a vision. You’ll end up anywhere and probably where you don’t want to be in the first place!

Have you heard of a vision board before? If not check out my video here, where I explain what it is and how you can make one for yourself. It’s a great tool you can use in order to get clear on your vision.

Set Specific and Actionable Goals

Have you ever taken the time to write out your goals? If not, start today. Take out a sheet of paper and write down your top 5 goals for this year. Write down the necessary actions you need to take in order to make those goals come to life. Place them somewhere where you can see them every single day. Be really specific! Want to lose weight? How many pounds and by what date do you want loose it by. Want to read more books this year? How often will you read and what books will you read. Doing this will help you stay motivated and you will wake up every morning knowing exactly what needs to happen in order for you to get closer to attaining your goals.

There you have it my friend! The 5 simple actions you can take this year in order to ensure an amazing 2016. Check out my video were I discuss these actions more here.

I want you to find the strength in you to go after those dreams you might not have even shared with anyone yet. Take action starting today, doesn’t matter how small that action is just do it. The time to begin is now. I may not know you personally but if you’re reading this I hope it encourages and inspires you to make 2016 the best year of your life. You deserve it my friend. Cheers! To an amazing 2016!

Wishing you happiness, success, and a lifetime of bliss!

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